Being Remembered on Christmas Day

christmasFor those who are living in a senior home, the thought of the Christmas and New Year festivities may seem a bit daunting. Perhaps residents won’t be able to spend the day with loved ones, old friends and family. But these days, nursing homes have become accustomed to making these special days as fun as they would have been at home, but perhaps without the traditional family feuds!

The Dry Harbor Nursing Home – as part of its commitment to “ensure the highest quality of life for all of [its] residents” – is one place which understands all about these special seasonal moments. The home marks holidays and cultural events with “music, special foods and activities.” And for those who prefer it quiet but still want to mark the occasion, the Dry Harbor Nursing Home offers them a way to “experience the festivities with our in-house television channel simulcast.”

Some senior homes even bring in other seniors to spread the festive joy. At Uihlein Living Center’s Lake Placid senior home, Shirley Hosler – herself no youngster at 79 – visits the residents every Christmas Eve morning, bringing presents and company. Dressed as Santa Claus, she chats to the residents and tries to make the day as festive as possible.

Of course, still nothing beats getting a gift on Christmas Day, no matter where you are. Everyone likes to be remembered, especially on Christmas. But it’s so easy to forget or simply not find the time. That is the beauty of the Dry Harbor Nursing Home Gift Basket Delivery Service. Dry Harbor has set up an easy one-click-away system for people to send gift baskets to their loved ones who are spending the day at the home.

Remember, at the end of the day, nothing says Christmas more than a friendly face or a wrapped gift. No matter how old you are, or where you are, everyone wants to be remembered on Christmas.