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Pop Up Art Exhibit in Financial District

While the gala scene in New York City takes its annual summer break, there is still a way for visitors to contribute to the economy and participate in a “boundary-pushing technological and entertainment” adventure.

From August 1-31st, a pop-up – SuperReal – has “transform[ed] the historic Cunard Building into a colorful walk-through digital art installation.” Set up by Moment Factory in conjunction with Cipriani, it is located at 25 Broadway.

According to Moment co-founder and executive creative director, Sakchin Bessette:

“Cipriani 25 Broadway provides the perfect opportunity to juxtapose iconic landmark architecture with layers of new technology to create this immersive experience that blurs the lines between the real and the unreal, illusion and reality – SuperReal aims to inspire a sense of collective wonder and connection. We thought it’s such an interesting thing right now to juxtapose layers onto reality, because where the future’s tending to bring us is the digital and the physical worlds are merging so that they’re indistinguishable. We’re adding layers of virtual reality to everything and other realities to our world — whether it’s the Internet, which is becoming as real as reality, or if it’s entertainment.”

Grand Hall’s interior design has been made to transform the visitor’s surroundings, taking them to a variety of surreal locations.  From flower gardens to balloons, techno music to meadow mellow sounds and everything in between, it truly is an intensifying of the senses. The exhibit features a maze of interactive installations that respond to the visitor’s actions, a floor mirror, balloons playing and more. SuperReal hopes to bring “an eclectic group of people who are willing to set their minds and senses free.”

New York Arts and Culture

The spring is here and it’s a great time for the blossoming of New York arts and culture scene.  Herewith a few examples of what is going on.

First, we have – from April 5th to 8th – the yearly show held by the Association of International Photography Art Dealers.  Taking place at Piers 92/94, this is one of the world’s “biggest fine-art photography shows.”  It features images from the 1800s until today and there is a specially-curated exhibition by Elton John called “A Time for Reflection,” which takes a nostalgic trip to the time of the Black Panther movement and Joe Baio collection.

And then at The Met Fifth Avenue at Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, Huma Bhabha (a Pakistani artist) is depicting her work.  This is quite unique in that she creates images of haunting humankind by using old, discarded materials she finds in her everyday life.  This begins April 17th.

TEFAF New York Fall 2016: An Event To Enjoy

TEFAF leads the way around the world for having some of the most esteemed art fairs today. Now, TEFAF NY will be coming with their inaugural exhibit to TEFAF New York Fall 2016 taking place at the Park Avenue Armory from October 21-26. This event is a collaborative effort between TEFAF and Artvest, an independent advisory firm.

Together, TEFAF and Artvest put together a selective committee to evaluate galleries for submission. The judges include four members of the TEFAF Maastricht Board of Trustees and four independent experts from the United States. They reviewed the many submissions and selected 93 exhibitors to be part of their first show.

Exhibitors who made the list include: La Vieille Russie, Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd, Ancient Art of the New World, Ariadne Galleries, Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, Jack Kilgore & Co., Les Enluminures, Phoenix Ancient Art - TEFAFPhoenix Ancient Art and many others.

As an example of the types of items that will be on display, Phoenix Ancient Art plans to bring as part of their display a cameo with four portraits of Philip the Arab and his family. The cameo is from the 3rd Century AD Roman period and Phoenix Ancient Art will include this with many others in its display. They will also have a two-handled cup of cobalt blue glass presented solely in an exhibition case from the work of 1st century AD artist Ennion.

As a true feast for the eyes, Phoenix Ancient Art is recreating the look of the Pantheon in the Park Avenue Armory, including the vaulted dome ceiling and central oculus illumination in their space. Learn more about their plans as described by Art Fix Daily

Certainly, those in the art world are eagerly anticipating TEFAF New York Fall 2016.

Successful Spring Masters New York

Asian-artThe third and final Spring Masters New York just came to an end and was extremely successful.  The international art and design fair – in which 59 galleries from Asia, Europe and throughout America participated – attracted thousands of visitors worldwide.

Hicham Aboutaam of Phoenix Ancient Art echoed the sentiment of success when he said: “Our third and final year at Spring Masters ends on a high note with significant sales. In addition to the knowledgeable and excited collectors, it was gratifying to see an impressive number of respected academics visiting the fair, allowing the opportunity to engage in scholarly dialogue about the exceptional art of the ancient world.”

The event took place at the historic Park Avenue Armory which will next year be privy to a new joint venture by Artvest Partners Michael Plummer and Jeff Rabin together with TEFAF.

Fine Arts Can Mean Fine Salaries in Our Age of Entertainment and Fashion

Science and math not your thing? Law school not an option? Do you love art, design, theater, but you’re worried there is no way to “make a living” with an arts degree? Worry no more!

Oscar Award by Dora Hon
Oscar Award by Dora Hon

Yes, the arts certainly have a bad reputation as a stepping stone to a high-paying job, but it seems this fear is unfounded. According to a new study conducted by Oxford University, humanities-based degrees are vitally important to society, the economy, and especially to the graduates who hold these degrees.

In a city like New York, a degree in the arts can be amazingly beneficial financially. The Big Apple is a mecca for artists of all stripes and many have made it big here. Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein, and Mandy Coon are all graduates of New York’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology. A degree from this renowned school is certainly a stepping-stone to great achievements in fashion.

The Parsons School of Design is another private art and design college, located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, that can give the artist in you the boost you need for a powerful career in the arts. The school allows its students to choose from specialties in disparate fields such as photography, fine arts, music, film, fashion and more. Such giants of the art world as Edward Hopper, Norman Rockwell and Kevin Appel graduated from the Parsons School of Fine Art.

Do not think that New York is the only haven for artist-types. The west coast also has its grand centers of humanities studies. In San Francisco students can find their home at the Academy of Art University. Alumni of the Academy of Art University were recognized by the Oscar awards for their work in several award-winning films. Gentry Davidson, with a BFA earned in 2012, is a rotoscope/paint artist and was involved in the production of Anomolisa, nominated for Best Animated Feature Film. Academy graduate Jinhwan Choi has a BFA. He worked on The Revenant, on the visual effects of the film.

As you can see, whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, there is certainly a need for students to dedicate themselves to the arts. Artists in any field contribute enormously to society, not only aesthetically, but economically as well. The fashion industry, the film industry, and the advertising industry are behemoths dependent on the creativity and educations of artists. So do what you love: the money will come.

The New York Business of Real Estate

NYCWhen it comes to top performing businesses in New York, real estate has always been right at the forefront. Never more so than now however, given that One57, smack bang in the center of midtown Manhattan, was just valued as “the new most expensive building in New York City as of 2015.”

Indeed, according to a CityRealty report, per square foot, for 2105 the average price was $6,010. This is an increase of 18.5% from 2015. That even surpasses the building for 2014, which came in at $5,726 (located at 15 Central Park West), which actually dropped by 10% this year.

Furthermore, an Upper East Side penthouse was sold for $37.9m in the summer, purchased by Glenview Capital Management hedge fund manager and founder, Larry Robbins. It seems he is not the only hedge fund manager to own such pricey properties in NYC. And CityRealty noted that this price tag was “the highest paid for any apartment on the Upper East Side, east of Third Avenue.”

In addition, according to StreetEasy, there was a 9.5 percent escalation of real estate in the borough of Manhattan in the third quarter. This has been the highest rate of growth over the last seven years.

As well as the boom in real estate in New York, according to a recent article written by Colin Moynihan in The New York Times, alongside that is art, which together make up “two of New York City’s most prominent fields.”

Art Gallery Partnership

artAn exhibition that will bring together paintings by Giorgio de Chirico with Greek and Roman ancient pieces of art is being co-organized by Phoenix Ancient Art and the Helly Nahmad Gallery. This marks the first time that these two art galleries will be working together. And they both have something quite different to offer. Brothers Hicham and Ali Aboutaam were brought up with a “passion for antiquities. Hicham recalls, “My mother would tell my father, ‘It’s time to go sleep. Would you please remove that head from our bed?’” He added: “The trouble was, my father lived by the philosophy that whoever loved an antiquity the most should own it…In a sense, we inherited much of that legacy.”

Helly Nahmad Gallery is almost on the other end of the art spectrum completely, focusing on modern and impressionist art. She has exhibited Monet (featuring 17 paintings). This was dubbed by The Financial Times as being “the best show in London this winter.” She has also worked with Robin Brown and Anna Pank and was complimented in The International New York Times as be able to “evoke that ‘true’ collecting spirit.” Like Phoenix Ancient Art, Helly Nahmad also has an ingrained passion for art. She has made it her goal to “lend art works as widely as possible so that the collection can be accessed by the public.”

Ultimately, this Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity exhibition will bring together works “never before seen together in the public eye…in an elegant pairing that will challenge the viewers’ predispositions on Modern Art.”

New York Art

artNew York art is a great investment. According to Christie’s, just recently one of Mark Rothko’s paintings – ‘No. 10’ – sold for a staggering $81.92 million. Not only was that a huge price but it was actually close to twice its estimated value.  His highest paid work to date was the painting ‘Orange, Red, Yellow,’ which, three years ago sold for $86.88m.

But that’s not all for New York. In a mere three days, Christies sold over a billion dollars worth of art which beats the world record for art and puts it to the next level, higher than Sotheby’s. in addition, ‘The Women of Algiers’ at Christie’s sold for $179.4m following a tense 11-and-a-half minutes of ferocious bidding from four to five prospective buyers. This was the highest price for any piece sold at auction.

This is significant not just for the art world, but for the economy. Indeed, according to Abigail Asher, an art consultant, it is indicative of the presence of “a new type of buyer in town.” She explained, “the past few years have been building up to this moment. A new class of buyer has entered the market and they’re prepared to pay staggering sums for trophy pictures….[recent sales have become] a spectacle of excess at the highest level”.

What’s good for art therefore, seems good for the economy.