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Business Success: Taking it to the Next Level

According to Founder and CEO of BlackRock Laurence D. Fink, companies “need to do more than make profits.”  To get the support of BlackRock, they will have to “contribute to society as well.”   He added:  “Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”

Fink added that governments have to start preparing for the future, with a special emphasis on retirement, infrastructure, automation and worker retraining.

Apparently this works both ways.  In a recent video in Entrepreneur, contributor Greg Rollett argued that: “The entrepreneurs who find massive success are the ones who are part of communities that encourage them, help them and give them an edge.”

When looking at Dime Community Bank, it seems that this advice has already been implemented.  Given that the NY-headquartered-company, has 400+ employees, providing service throughout NYC’s five boroughs, as well as the surrounding metropolitan area in 28 communities and neighborhoods. Dime’s Board of Directors asserted that it seeks to “get the tax savings back into the economy while acting in the best interests of all of Dime’s stakeholders.”  As such, it intends to engage in the following activities to stimulate economic growth.

These include: establishment of jobs, review of corporate policies and practices, paying $1,000 bonus to all non-executive employees, the institution of a Corporate Matching Gift program, continuation of the #dimesgiveback social media campaign.


And what type of tree should you buy exactly?  Choose from one of these if you are in New York; they seem to be the most popular: Frasier Fir (popular in the streets of NYC), Balsam Fir (spacious branches and very aromatic); Noble Fir (most regal and festive) and Nordmann Fir (pricey but extremely elegant).

And how much will this set you back?  Apparently anywhere between $35 and $200, depending on its size (for New York apartments, 5-6 feet tall seems standard).  Check out local garden stores and local playgrounds with vendors and you’ll really feel like you are getting into the holiday spirit.

In general most of the trees that end up in NYC for sale hail from Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon and Pennsylvania.  But those from Michigan might just be pricier this year: Christmas tree farms across northern Michigan are working to ship trees across the country.