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Publicizing New Yorkers’ State Tax Returns

Should a proposed legislation go ahead in New York, the country’s bigwigs could soon be forced to publicize their state tax returns.

The Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act (aka appropriately nicknamed the TRUMP Act) — would require the state to publicly post state tax returns of anyone elected in a statewide election to federal or state office.  The data would then be available to everyone online.

Senator Brad Hoylman (who sponsored the bill) also introduced another bill which would mean New Yorkers on a statewide ballot would have to release their federal tax returns as well.  Hoylman believes that “New York has the responsibility to ensure that voters know if presidential candidates have potential conflicts of interest before they cast their ballot.”

Will Bloomberg Run for President?

white-houseThe question on everyone New Yorkers’ lips is, will Michael Bloomberg run for President? According to Gabriel Sherman, absolutely not. Why? Simply because no matter how much theorizing, the guy “isn’t on board.” There is very little to suggest that he is making any real moves to run for President.

Business-wise it might make sense though for Bloomberg to run. According to billionaire hedge fund investor Bill Ackman, “He’s all the best of Trump without the worst of Trump. I would do everything in my power to get this guy elected.”

In addition, back in 2013 Bloomberg was quoted as saying he was “100 percent” sure running independently would be impossible.

It might be good for business if he did succeed though. He does – after all – have a background in business, having established a financial data-services firm and graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Business.