Cool New York Businesses

aqua-cyclingNew York is becoming home to some very cool new businesses. For both tourists and residents alike, New York City businesses are making life easier, more exciting and inspiring. This article will detail a few of the latest crazes to hit the city.

First, there is AQUA – the cycling studio with a pool. It uses water for intense resistance, immersing state-of-the-art bikes in a candlelit pool. It definitely spices up a standard routine for those who have until now stuck strictly to swimming or cycling.

Second, there is BarBacon. A pure gem for bacon lovers, this Bar serves everything with bacon. Some of the features of the bar includes: a bacon tasting menu, the beer and bacon flight and a bacon Bloody Mary! Yes indeed, when they say everything, they mean everything has to have bacon with it. This cocktail is made from bacon vodka and garnished with bacon.

Third, there is Black Seed Bagels. Maybe it’s taking its inspiration from the latest Denny’s to hit Manhattan (which is an upscale version of the family-style breakfast and steakhouse restaurant), this eatery is a bagel store with a difference, with quality Montreal-style bagels with toppings such as tobiko caviar cream cheese!

Fourth, there is Blue Apron. In the mood for eating out but don’t want to eat out? Want to make the meal yourself but well, actually don’t want to make the meal? Blue Apron delivers all ingredients to your home that you need to cook a meal. Sign up for weekly service to have fresh ingredients delivered (for free, if you subscribe) to make three meals in the right proportions. Each meal will take a mere 35 minutes or less to prepare.

These are just some of the latest cool ventures to hit the New York business hotspot. New York sure is making life easier, and for those who have gotten locked out their houses, check out this other New York business, KeyMe – which enables key-holders to share and duplicate actual keys based on a digital scan taken and stored in the cloud. Keys are then printed immediately or print and sent to the customer later.

New York is just getting better and better.