Economic Upturn in South Bronx?

bronx-This could very well be the time for a shift in caliber in the South Bronx, in line with Ruben Diaz Jr., the borough’s President. There is an attempt to create what he terms a “new Bronx.” Although there is indeed additional culture sprouting up in the neighborhood, there still remains significant elements of the very much “old Bronx,” such as streets filled with auto-body tracks on the wrong side of the tracks.

So now it is hoped that this conflict as it were will become more streamlined, resulting in a place more attractive for businesses, while making more affordable housing available.  The first step in that is to deal with the overly impoverished area, East New York, Brooklyn.

With this in mind – especially in the Bronx – community input is welcomed. What is needed is a solution to the fact that this neighborhood’s median household income is around half of the city’s. According to the Director of the Bronx Office at the Department of City Planning, Carol Samol, what is thus required is a “holistic” approach.

For sure the Bronx has potential of becoming a successful economic incubator. For example, back in 2012, Miguel Sanchez decided to leave Manhattan, moving his digital creative agency to a beautiful building for a mere $100 a month. That was in the Bronx – actually Sunshine Bronx, which was a recent development in Hunts Point that had traditionally been known for huge unemployment figures and prostitution.

So it can be done. Let’s just hope we see more of it in the Bronx.