Electric Cargo Bikes Arrive in NYC

For years there has been a problem with delivery trucks in NYC.  As it is New York’s traffic situation is a total disaster, a nuisance to society and an environmental embarrassment.   But thanks to the introduction of electric cargo bikes, this problem – at least in part – could be on its way to a solution.

A program that has been introduced by New York City is going to start with up to 100 pedal-assisted cargo bikes.  They will be used by delivery firms such as Amazon, DHL and UPS and will be able to park – without a fee – in commercial loading areas.

According to Transportation Commissioner of New York, Polly Trottenberg it seems New York is a bit behind on this trend.  She said:

“Around the world, we have seen how freight companies use cargo bikes to move goods around dense urban neighborhoods more efficiently,”

adding that by using these bikes instead of trucks, the safety of the roads would be enhanced as well.   And when it comes to the environment, it’s a no-brainer.  As Vice President for Specialty Fulfillment at Amazon, Rebecca Gansert said, this is part of the city’s attempt to reduce carbon emissions to zero by the year 2040.

In another attempt to reduce carbon emissions (but potentially create other problems), the SameDay Bot has been introduced to the city – a six-wheeled robot that delivers packages straight to your door. Roxo was seen on a test run in New York but have been met with some angst amongst New Yorkers. 

de Blasio’s Deputy Press Secretary Will Baskin-Gershwitz argued:

“FedEx’s robots wouldn’t just undercut the jobs of hardworking New Yorkers — they would be a danger on our crowded street…we’re prepared to take further steps if FedEx isn’t willing to get them off our streets.”

So on the one hand there is a huge fight for environmental enhancement in New York but on the other hand how will this impact job creation and a nuisance to the city?