Extremity Medical Making Strides to Help Patients

In the ever changing world of medical technology, it is fascinating to keep up with what’s happening just in the New York area. One young, fast moving entrepreneurial company called Extremity Medical is developing products to address the needs that surgeons face when treating hands, wrists, feet and ankles. The company was founded by Matthew Lyons and Jamy Gannoe, and has Board Members such as Blackstone Medical co-founder Michael Lyons.

Many surgeons have been frustrated with the available tools and products available for them, and many clinical studies have shown sub-optimal results. As a result, Extremity Medical is trying to meet the currently unmet needs for fusion, fixation and motion preserving systems for both the upper and lower extremities. They hope that, with their designs and improved performances, more surgeons will use their products and more patients will benefits from the technologies they bring to market.

They have brought together biomechanical engineers such as Mr. Lyons and Mr. Gannoe, who founded the company in 2008 in Northern New Jersey. For the upper extremities they have focused on restoring normal function and motion to the wrist, thumb and carpal bones. For the lower extremities they are focusing on implants for foot reconstruction. Over 200 million people in the world have diabetes and amputations are much too common. Extremity Medical, with Michael Lyons and many others, wants to develop specialized devices that help surgeons to save the lower extremities in these situations while restoring function to the foot.

This is but one example of the many medical technology companies in the New York area that are making great strides towards helping those in need.