Jobs in New York

constructionFor job seekers in New York, where is the best place to go?  New City Patch can help New Yorkers find work in the following fields: Health Information Management, Hospitality Management and Information Technology.

A recent report written by the New Skills at Work-Lower Hudson Valley Stakeholder Collaborative in conjunction with the Westchester Community College put forward their research on the evolving nature of the regional economy with recommendations for businesses, government and teachers to facilitate the support of education and training required to “empower the local workforce.”

What was found was that businesses in major US industries have a hard time finding “sufficiently trained workers to fill middle skill jobs” (that being defined as people with more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year college degree).  Furthermore, research predicted that by the year 2011-22, almost half of job vacancies (46 %) will be for middle-skilled individuals. So appropriate education and training that is in line with what employers need, has to be given.

for those thinking about relocating to the Big Apple and hoping to find work, the editors of WetFeet assembled some interesting tips a few years ago.