New York Business: Outdoor Designs

Given that there is little point in building right now with the pandemic preventing gatherings, architectural firms and designers are having to think outside the box.  Luckily some in New York are doing just that.

One example is Todd Haiman, a landscape designer who has been inundated with work since the pandemic began as New Yorkers are seeking to improve their outdoor areas.  Yards, terraces and balconies are becoming ever more popular and important since those are deemed safe in covid times. As Brooklyn-born Haiman pointed out:

“We’re trying to create an atmosphere that can be their sanctuary, whether they want to read a book out there or have cocktails.”

Then there is the outdoor dining concept.  Given that restaurants have been forced to close, the only option is for takeout and outdoor dining. Some of them are quite stunning and one in New York City – LA Mercerie – was just featured in Architectural Digest’s article, ‘These are the Most Beautifully Designed Outdoor Dining Experiences in America’  The eatery – just outside Williams Guild – features real-life flower boxes which provide a separation between patrons.  Cocktails and pastries are French based and the indigo blue exterior walls work perfectly with the woven bistro chairs.