New York: Businesses Hiring

With what is happening to the economy in America and indeed the world due to coronavirus, is there anything optimistic on which to focus?  Here, in New York, we would like to think there is.

True there is no denying that unemployment figures are substantially up.  Currently we don’t have the figures since the government is asking states to delay publication but we do know that New Yorkers – like those throughout the nation – are suffering.

However, there is one industry where employment is booming and there are vacancies to be filled: grocery stores. Even though of course our administration is taking measures to limit the spread of the virus (Kudos to Cuomo) people still need to buy food.  Thus grocery stores are considered one of those essential workplaces during this time.

In fact, just take a look in most local convenience stores and supermarkets and you will find items flying off the shelves quicker than staff can re-stock.  As such, Tops, Stop & Shop, ShopRite and Price Chopper are looking to hire.  In  a recent statement, ShopRite said:

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ShopRite is experiencing an unprecedented increase in consumer demand and volume at our supermarkets and we are looking to fill a variety of positions across our stores and warehouses.”

Furthermore, Hannaford Brothers Company reported that it is hiring throughout its 182 locations based in New York and New England as consumer demand continues to increase.