New York Climate Control

In cohesion with the guidelines set out by the CLCPA (Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act), that 70 percent of electricity is renewable by 2030, New York will be engaged in a “refocus” of its goals.  Within this, he New York State Public Service Commission has just approved the expansion of the Clean Energy Standard. It is hoped that ultimately – by 2040 – there will be a zero-emission. The state of New York will also be able to make a Request for Proposals for the renewable power generation sources in the plan’s implementation. 

According to Governor Cuomo

We do not have time to waste in the fight against climate change and New York continues to lead by advancing the most aggressive policies in the nation to slow the warming of the planet. With this expansion of our Clean Energy Standard, we are further accelerating the State’s historic efforts to grow our onshore and offshore renewable capacity, and create thousands of good-paying clean energy jobs for New Yorkers that will power our economic recovery, while also ensuring a large share of the benefits go to communities and workers that have been historically disadvantaged.”

The New York Public Service Commission has commended the legislation put forward by Governor Cuomo for the creation of a clean and affordable energy system in the region.