New York: The Business of Christmas Trees

christmas-treeChristmas Tree Brooklyn is a tree stand and delivery service owned and operated by Dan and Morgan Sevigny in Prospect Heights. This year, the two (who happen to be brother and sister) are taking it up a notch from its standard 250 tree-per-year sale.

Christmas 2014 will witness an additional two stands and the hiring of two delivery guys. This is so that the operation can expand three-fold vis-à-vis Christmas tree sales. When they began their work for the season on December 1, operations did not run smoothly with late deliveries and the stand falling on Dan’s head. As the two explain: “the Christmas tree business is not for the faint of heart.” It’s hard work. They work 12-hour, seven-days a week, taking trees to customers throughout New York’s five boroughs, without charging a delivery fee. And thus, it has to be a “labor of love.”

The business was launched back in 2012 “on a whim.” They had seen tree merchants on Flatbush Avenue and figured they could do the same. Plus, it seemed to make sense as Dan was born on Christmas Day. Today they get tree orders from throughout the city, all sorts of sizes, from 4 feet to 14 ½ feet tall. And a lot of their job is to help people figure out what type of tree is best for them.

It may not make the best business sense. They would advise people to go into the Christmas tree business only if they are doing it with friends and family. In fact, these days it might just be easier to order online. Although of course, that just isn’t nearly as fun and lacks the traditional Christmas holiday spirit.