NYC Subway: Stuck in the Dark Ages

Given how much renovation New York City has encountered in so many different facets of its infrastructure, it is almost unbelievable that the subway system is so far behind. What’s even stranger about this antiquated foundation is that it is still in use by so many thousands of New Yorkers, who travel on it with their most finest tablets and smartphones!

This system causes a lot of delays and even more frustration. In an effort to solve this problem, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is seeking funds to update the system. It has uploaded a YouTube video (attached here) of the old-fashioned signaling system and actions being taken to modify them.

A significant part of the plan is Communications Based Train Control which, given how outdated the system is, is quite “revolutionary.” It’s a great shame that it is so far behind also because some of the stations in the system have undergone a huge renovation. For example, the East 180th Street, West Farms, which in 2012 was privy to a 2-year top-to-bottom overhaul costing $66m, paid for by the New York City Transit Authority. Today travelers can enjoy its stunning terracotta roof a new entrance and forecourt, track beds, new elevator access improving circulation, enhanced plumbing, lighting and electrical equipment and more.