Post Covid-19: Will NY Workers Return to Offices?

Since many executives have been forced to work from home and it has been pretty successful, there is now talk of the likelihood of many of them not returning en masse to the buildings. Three large corporations: Barclays, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley seem to be adopting this policy in Manhattan according to research firm Nielsen.  What this will ultimately settle into is that of its approximately 3,000 members of staff, they will return to the office here and there but no longer full-time.

Such a move will substantially reduce the city’s carbon footprint, ease public transportation but at the same time result in a decrease in trade for local eateries and other commercial trade.

In addition, Twitter is following suit.  Last week, Jack Dorsey, the company’s CEO told his entire staff that they could carry on working from home “forever.”  However, the doors will remain open for those who would like to return to the familiar office structure; he will leave the decision with them.  And, in those cases, the office regulations and guidelines will apply so that working from the office will take on a completely different feel.  The process will be “careful, intentional…and gradual.”

This new work from home policy will hugely benefit people in all cities and mean that relocation will be less common.