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Art Gallery Partnership

artAn exhibition that will bring together paintings by Giorgio de Chirico with Greek and Roman ancient pieces of art is being co-organized by Phoenix Ancient Art and the Helly Nahmad Gallery. This marks the first time that these two art galleries will be working together. And they both have something quite different to offer. Brothers Hicham and Ali Aboutaam were brought up with a “passion for antiquities. Hicham recalls, “My mother would tell my father, ‘It’s time to go sleep. Would you please remove that head from our bed?’” He added: “The trouble was, my father lived by the philosophy that whoever loved an antiquity the most should own it…In a sense, we inherited much of that legacy.”

Helly Nahmad Gallery is almost on the other end of the art spectrum completely, focusing on modern and impressionist art. She has exhibited Monet (featuring 17 paintings). This was dubbed by The Financial Times as being “the best show in London this winter.” She has also worked with Robin Brown and Anna Pank and was complimented in The International New York Times as be able to “evoke that ‘true’ collecting spirit.” Like Phoenix Ancient Art, Helly Nahmad also has an ingrained passion for art. She has made it her goal to “lend art works as widely as possible so that the collection can be accessed by the public.”

Ultimately, this Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity exhibition will bring together works “never before seen together in the public eye…in an elegant pairing that will challenge the viewers’ predispositions on Modern Art.”