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New York Arts and Culture

The spring is here and it’s a great time for the blossoming of New York arts and culture scene.  Herewith a few examples of what is going on.

First, we have – from April 5th to 8th – the yearly show held by the Association of International Photography Art Dealers.  Taking place at Piers 92/94, this is one of the world’s “biggest fine-art photography shows.”  It features images from the 1800s until today and there is a specially-curated exhibition by Elton John called “A Time for Reflection,” which takes a nostalgic trip to the time of the Black Panther movement and Joe Baio collection.

And then at The Met Fifth Avenue at Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, Huma Bhabha (a Pakistani artist) is depicting her work.  This is quite unique in that she creates images of haunting humankind by using old, discarded materials she finds in her everyday life.  This begins April 17th.