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Getting Jobs: Industries to Watch

According to two faculty members at Stony Brook University – Danielle McHeffey and Michael Nugent – students looking to start their careers could do worse than join the risk management and insurance fields. They believe that these areas of employment offer “unlimited promise and wide appeal.”

As well as being a great place to start, the industry has openings in top executive positions too.  And for those who attend Stony Brook, McHeffey and Nugent are looking to expand course options in this discipline at the educational institute’s College of Business.

The other good news for New Yorkers looking for jobs – or those who want to make New York their homes or return from out of town – is that rental prices in the state have dropped significantly since the coronavirus outbreak.  According to a recent Bloomberg piece, those just entering the career ladder have a great opportunity now as the latest figures for New York rentals had dropped by 22 percent per anum for a one bedroom.  

Another career path New Yorkers (and those throughout the nation) could take is cybersecurity with a recent report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics suggesting that:

“The number of information security analyst positions is anticipated to grow 31% between 2019 and 2029, while the median annual salary for security analysts soared to $99,730 in 2019.”

And another good reason to live and work in New York comes with Gov. Cuomo’s recent announcement of $9.5 million to be given to 75 businesses, community-organizations and schools as part of New York state’s  historic Workforce Development Initiative. This will be put toward job training and employment opportunities for close to 5,000 New Yorkers.