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Pepsi: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

PepsiPepsi has always been known for its beverages. But sometime soon it might start getting a reputation for food as well. Why not? Historically it has been drink and food that makes one merry, and so maybe this is the case for business as well…least for the business of Pepsi.

Kola House will soon take residence in Chelsea (right by Milk Studios) in what has become known as the “ultra-hip meatpacking district.” It is hoped that it will grow into a “social hub and testing ground for new products [offering customers] a premium experience.”

That’s what it will be. What it won’t be is a marketing ploy for Pepsi, for example, the beverage’s logo won’t be plastered around the venue. Indeed, what will be pushed is the kola nut – a “bitter fruit that contains caffeine and gives cola beverages their name.” So the ultimate aim is for Pepsi to “market its product without marketing its product.”