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New York: New Year

People are definitely looking forward to a new year.  Fed up of 2020, New York is also gearing up for some socially-distanced celebrations.  One way of saying goodbye to 2020 is by saying hello to 2021 and this year the illuminated 2021 display – that has been on a 5,000 mile trek to arrive at Times Square – is one of the biggest highlights.

According to Jeff Strauss, producer of Times Square:

“As these numerals were being driven across the country by Kia drivers, people along the way at every stop were cheering. Everyone can’t wait until 2020 is over.”

Indeed, perhaps that is what Good Riddance Day is all about.  For sure most people will be saying Good Riddance to 2020!

While most of the celebratory new year’s events will be online, one can also enjoy some events outdoors such as the winter wonderland lights show from Edge.  Featuring close to 50,000 lights which light up the Skyline Steps, also on display is a Christmas tree and large hot air balloon display.  While there be sure to order the “Cocoa in the Clouds,” a hot chocolate drink featuring rice crispy peppermint-encrusted treats and whipped cream.  For an extra hit, order the added liquor!

Most people feel like they owe it to themselves to see this year out with a bang and welcome the new year with hope.