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Jayme Albin on Using CBT To Treat the Psychological Fallout of COVID-19

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on almost every aspect of our lives.  In addition to the tremendous fiscal fallout, one of the equally severe concerns is what months of lockdown is doing to the psyche.  While adults on some level have developed an acceptance and small-scale comprehension of the necessity for lockdown, for youngsters, this is much harder.

Dr. Jayme Albin specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and has been witnessing the devastating impact that the lockdown in New York has had on her infant daughter as well as her friends’ children.  She treats patients of all ages and backgrounds from her Manhattan clinic and has been working tirelessly the last few months to help those struggling during these difficult times.

“Since I began my career in the mental health field, I have seen incredible results from the use of CBT,” explained Jayme Albin.  “But now in particular – the fact that it is an incredibly focused type of therapy — I am seeing just how useful this method is.  I am finding it especially suitable for those suffering from COVID-19 traumas,” she added.  “I also believe that since CBT does not require the patient to sit for session after session with no end in sight, this goal-oriented approach is even more useful for our youth struggling with the implications of COVID-19.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy dates back to the 1960s.  Dr. Aaron T. Beck undertook research that led to his conclusion that by helping patients identify automatic negative thoughts, the next natural step was to think more in line with the actual situation.  According to a paper put together by the NCBI in 2018, CBT is “the best standard” in psychological treatment that is available to psychologists today.