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World Trade Center Opening

New York, Manhattan Buildings
New York, Manhattan Buildings

It’s been a long time since business took place at the site of New York City’s Twin Towers. Over 13 years ago when terrorism struck, the place was shattered in every single way. But now, according to an official from the Durst Organization (behind the construction), Jordan Barowitz, “the building is open for business.”

1 World Trade Center was developed by the Durst Organization in conjunction with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It measures at 1,776 feet in height, and is just a few meters away from the original building. Construction began back in 2006 but today, this impressive building – spanning 20 professional football fields – is ready to resume business.

Of course, those who perished will always be remembered. The new building is situated just a few steps away from the memorial that honors them.