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New York: Getting Back to Business

New York is getting back on track following the 18 months of coronavirus business restrictions. Here, we look at a few events that give us optimistic hope for the future of the advancement of local companies: the L.E.A.F. Festival of Flowers, Bizzabo, local business networking.

Taking its inspiration from the European flower shows, the L.E.A.F Festival of Flowers is an annual flower show in Manhattan, launched in 2019 through pop-ups and its hashtag #NYFlowerweek. It is back now this Saturday and Sunday.  Events include: Lewis Miller’s ‘Flower Flashes’ at the Rockefeller Centre, Crosby Cat and the Alamo, East Olivia’s ‘Flatiron Floral Immersion’ at Flatiron Plaza, Ester Partegàs Cape Lily at The Source.

Now that the entertainment industry can finally start working again, there is good news in that department too. The international frontrunner in event software Bizzabo just announced that it purchased an AI scheduling tool company – X.ai – which is able to automate the bureaucratic parts of meetings through the generation of compatible times to meet across time zones, sends out follow ups, reminders and deals with any cancellations/postponements etc.  this acquisition will facilitate the development of meaningful connections for Bizzabo’s clients in-person, virtual and hybrid.

Over in Rochester, AV Science owner Laurie Elkin has welcomed the recent partnership announcement between businesses, networking, funding and educational opportunities. On this partnership, Assemblywoman of 136th District, Sarah Clark said:

“We know even before COVID pandemic that small business always need the extra access to resource technical assistance financial investment and those types of things. I hope it will light the flame of entrepreneurship in a way that some fold didn’t even now they have I hope it grows business in our city.”