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Ed Sayres: Growing Your Business

working-from-homeThere are many ways to grow a business. Even in the most challenging of situations – such as recession, competition, and failed products – a business can thrive. Often it is just a matter of getting the right consultant and advice for the best guidance.

Ed Sayres has earned a reputation for establishing and developing organizations for sustainable growth. Within this role, he advises top executives on fiscal and crisis management, fundraising, strategic building, etc. His approach over the years has come up against even the most difficult circumstances – and it is based on “disciplined innovation, collaboration, transparency and accountability.” He also does a lot of philanthropic work, most notably via animal welfare organizations.

Another way a company can grow is by taking note of studies to see what methods successful businesses have used to thrive. For example, a Forrester Report put out in 2009 showed that by 2016, 43 percent of the US workforce will be working from home. Perhaps more interestingly, it also found that by giving employees these kind of freedoms, reported a revenue growth of 10 percent or more within the last year, as compared to firms that did not implement this policy. As well, it was estimated by Cisco that remote work saved $277m per year from productivity gains.

Business executives can also take a leaf out of someone like Richard Branson’s book. He recently put up a top ten list of how to ‘do business the Virgin way’ – i.e., successfully. He said that while there are no shortcuts to success his top two ideas fit in quite well with Ed Sayres’ motto: follow your dreams and do some good.

So it seems that to be successful in business, one needs to think outside the box and not just focus on the business – branch out a little and see how you can be beneficial to society.