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The Fluctuating Landscape of NYC

The New York City landscape is often in flux.  Looking at last year we can be proud of the re-opening of the TWA Hotel terminal that had been closed for many years.  The terminal – originally constructed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen as the TWA Flight Center – is now the spectacular TWA hotel, featuring a perfect combination of the classic architect’s style with modern amenities.

An expansion of 40,000 feet has been made at MoMA, providing it with the space to display its collection.  The recent passing of the $1.7bn Green New Deal will construct 250 miles of protected bike lands, 15 miles of lanes just for buses and a million square feet for pedestrians.  This will be put in place within the next five years. Furthermore, new signaling technology will be implemented.  The idea behind this is to eliminate traffic violence and enhance road infrastructure for users.

All this (and more in the landscape development area of NYC) is crucial for developments, businesses and even jobs.  As Robert Rodriguez, Sarah Fitts & Jamie Rubin recently pointed out in an article:

“Simply put, we can’t grow if we can’t build our public infrastructure.” What is going to help achieve this goal is the recently-signed NYC Design Build Act enabling the creation of a union between architects, constructors and engineers, and give NYC the opportunity to select contractors who can offer the best work and schedule timing, rather than just being forced to chose the cheapest one.