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New York Festivals

coffeeWe’ve heard of fashion week and film festival, but here’s one that’s relatively new to the range of New York festivals – the New York Coffee Festival.  Now in its second consecutive year, the festival – held at 69th Regiment Armory between September 16th and 18th – is designed to bring together coffee, food, music, art and charity. Sponsors include: la Marzocco, Pentair, Baileys, Detpak, Barista Series, Sanremo and more.  Events include: Latte Art Live, Coffee Masters NYC, The Lab, Competition, Coffee Music Project, The True Artisan Café, Street Food Market, The Village, Party with the Masters, The Sidewalk Café, Hydration Station, Test Your Senses, Get Your Brew On, Espresso Martini Bar, Coffee Art Project, Shop the Part, Perfect Your Pour, Sanremo Revolution, Steampunk Brew Bar and Water for Coffee Lovers.

According to the festival website the focus is to “ply local aficionados with espresso martinis and entertainment, from live music to the annual tournament.”