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Silverfern Group & Its Unique Platform

The Silverfern Group’s unique platform was recently discussed in the German institutional investment-magazine Portfolio Institutionell. With founders and co-Manager Partners Clive Holmes and Reeta Holmes, the company utilizes collaboration to set their strategies in motion. They bring together families from across the globe to create a network of locals and their on-the-ground insights into international markets and trends.

What started out as a small group of 20 investors has flourished to become a leading asset manager for alternative assets in countries including New York, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Sydney, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Explore how a family office became a global trend in this insightful article from Portfolio Institutionell.

Clive Holmes Silverfern: Latest Investment

The Silverfern Group, with Co-Managing Partner Clive Holmes has made a recent investment, which is their fifth portfolio follow-up investment in the last 18 months.

They have completed a follow-up into the Silverfern portfolio company Broad River Power Holdings. Broad River Power Holdings is a 5×0 Simple Cycle Generating Facility that produces electricity as part of its long-term tolling agreement with Gaffney, South Carolina. The units are able to be on the grid and they can help to supply power within 15 minutes during peak times or during emergencies.

As Silverfern’s Clive Holmes explained, “The opportunity to expand our investment in Broad River in partnership with Arroyo further demonstrates that by partnering with lead investors with deep industry and local knowledge, we can identify and access value where other investors may not be able to do so. Capturing this value on investment allows Silverfern to potentially deliver a higher return to our investors than might otherwise be commensurate with the risk underwritten in an infrastructure investment such as Broad River.”

When describing Broad River, Silverfern Managing Director Brooks Klimley said, “Broad River is a modern, efficient facility that is playing an increasingly important role in the provision of clean, reliable electricity to consumers in North and South Carolina.”

Reeta Kapani Holmes and Clive Holmes Lead Silverfern Investment in IKKS

In recent news, the Silverfern Group has announced that it has co-invested in the acquisition of IKKS. They are one of the leading French brands and are part of the “casual chic” segment. The company includes IKKS Women, IKKS Junior, IKKS Men, One Step, X and O, and I.Code brand names.

Upon completion of the investment, Silverfern Co-Managing Partner Reeta Kapani Holmes said “Silverfern is pleased to partner with LBO France and Roger Zannier in the acquisition of IKKS, which has achieved substantial scale across multiple brands.”

In 2014, IKKS’s group sales exceeded 300 million euros with 20% generated outside of France. IKKS is already in Benelux, in Spain and in the Middle East. They have also opened points of sale in Germany.

The Silverfern Group was founded by Clive Holmes and Reeta Holmes. They are a leader in active global direct investment and were founded in 2001. They invest on behalf of more than 60 of the world’s largest and most sophisticated multi-billion-dollar single family offices.