The Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive and Well in New York

How are New Yorkers faring in the job market these days?  One college senior decided that since he wanted not only a job but one that he liked, he would make up one that had not previously existed.  Avery McNelly founded, runs and owns A. McNelly Services LLC, a bicycle company he started around 2 ½ years ago to make a little extra money on campus while providing a service to other students and people in the community with bicycle repairs.

It all started when he found that his fairly-new road bike he had purchased for use with getting to and from classes started needing costly repairs.  So he taught himself and found that not only was it cheaper but more efficient as he discovered the bike store had taken short cuts and not completed the work that he had paid for. And the rest, as they say, is history as he started offering the service to others.  Now, he handles the business side and his friends and family push him to thrive and help him with the business decisions.

In Tribeca, entrepreneur Kris Kim came up with a good idea that is thriving too.  She established her own unique clothing design, Moderne, which is sold on her La Garçonne website, as well as by other retailers. What makes her stand out though is the simplicity of the brand, which often gives it the name of being “the Nothing Label,” taking on minimal and muted colors.  She often rejects anything additional to the piece that is not necessary such as buttons or colorful piping; anything that is too much in other words as Kris and her team seek out “simple, unadorned things.” The website name came from the line’s mission: to respond to the needs of garçonnes living in the modern world, in other words, providing ready-to-wear clothing in a mannish spirit with a gentlewoman’s sensibility.

 And then over in Utah, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are becoming quite the thing.  As well as teaching the importance of perseverance, people also develop an understanding for obedience to our higher nature, and respect for the will to fight, which are all needed for success in the business world.   indeed, one such example of this is Adam Legas, NanoHydr8 founder.  This MMA athlete built Utah’s largest training gym which he owns.  He comes with quite the background, having been featured in Sports Illustrated at the tender age of 12 (with his father) for boasting world records in the decathlon for their age groups. Legas now believes:  “No entrepreneur who is in the midst of starting up a new company can afford to ignore the cardinal virtues espoused by martial arts. When my real estate company failed, like several others during the crash of 2008, my MMA training helped me get back on my feet and start this new venture.”

So it seems that all around New York, the entrepreneurial spirit is thriving, which makes it an attractive scene for global consumer business executives.  Individuals such as Glen Wakeman, Citi’s Stephen Bird and Peter Pollini of PWC, among others.