The Re-opening of Local Businesses

Finally New York state is re-opening. Just one day after America exceeded 500,000 lives lost to COVID-19, efforts are being made to get back to some sense of ‘normal.’  Many vaccine doses have been received and used and now New York is awaiting the ones that were delayed due to the weather.

Bill de Blasio commented:

“Finally, the supply we expected last week is arriving today. That means we basically lost a full week in our vaccination efforts. But it will not stop us from reaching our goal of five million New Yorkers vaccinated by June because we still have the ability and the capacity to do it.”

One of the first things to re-open will be movie theaters which are scheduled to open at 25 percent capacity on March 5th in New York City. On this matter Cuomo said:

“Thanks to the hard work and commitment of all New Yorkers, our infection rate is now the lowest we’ve seen in three months, and accordingly we will now be reopening various recreational activities across the state including billiard halls, weddings and movie theaters in New York City. As our infection rate continues to fall, and the vaccination rate continues to climb, we will keep reopening different sectors of our state’s economy and focus our efforts on building our state back better than it was before.”