The Return of the New Yorkers

How can people return to work and commute when it is so hard to monitor social distancing on public transportation?  That is what is happening in New York as many  thousands returned to the subway following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in the region. 

While the Metropolitan Transit Authority is working around the clock to ensure safety on trains, consumers are still very concerned of coronavirus being spread while they commute to their jobs.

Fears include: lack of mask-wearing, lack of social distancing (as the subways are traditionally very crowded), etc. – all issues that have been problematic in slowing the spread of the virus. Having said that there will be law enforcers in the form of transit workers telling them to wear them as well as NYPD workers enforcing the law.

July 8th is when New York City will start Phase One of its economic re-opening, rendering it the last region in New York State to take this on.