US Economy Investments: Now Is the Time

DollarAs many experts explain, the time is currently ripe to invest in the US economy.  In the last three months, the economy has encountered a growth of 3.9% with an escalation in job growth at more than 200,000 per month.  So it might be inaccurate to tie a low GDP growth with a non-forward pushing economy.  One reason for this is, as Senior VP and Chief Economist at Bank of the West, Scott Anderson noted, primarily because America “experienced a correction to inventories that may have subtracted about 1.6 percentage points from GDP growth,” rendering these figures less than accurate.

Instead, what is more likely to be indicative of an economic growth spurt are the above statistics, as well as the fact that the Fed did not raise rates in the last two months.

So it should not be surprising that investment experts and hedge fund owners, are promoting the US as a place to make an investment.  According to Marc Lasry, CEO and founder of Avenue Capital, right now, “the best place to invest is the US” (source: In 2014, Lasry’s assets investment firm was valued at $14 billion.  Avenue Capital also raised $1.3 billion to principally invest in North American energy and utility companies.

Furthermore, the most recent survey undertaken by the University of Michigan showed that today, US “consumers are more confident about their personal finances than at any time since 2007.”  Plus, as the Economic Policy Institute’s Research and Policy Director Josh Bivens documented, what we can see is actually indicative of “steady….but slow improvement in the U.S. economy.”  He advises “policymakers – particularly the Federal Reserve – [to not do anything] to slow the pace of recovery.”

Economist Robert Waldmann said: “I just notice that in the second quarter of 2015 US real gross private domestic investment surpassed US real government consumption expenditures & gross investment for the first time since the data have been collected (1947).”