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Electric Power Growth

There has been such expansive growth in the electric power industry.  When it was first used in NYC around 150 years ago, it was on a very minuscule scale.  In the past ten years alone demand has grown by almost a third.  It is anticipated that it will increase a further 50 percent within the next 29 years.

With this figure though, over a third will be with the use of renewable energy.  Professional hackers are taking advantage of supply chains (which includes the energy grid) for their criminal activity which has resulted in US policymakers establishing programs to facilitate the creation of enhanced cybersecurity in power utility firms.

Now, there are plans for New York to explore the possible use of green hydrogen to be used as part of the comprehensive decarbonization strategy. As such, the state of New York has entered into a partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the endeavor of which will make available $12.5m in funding for long duration energy storage techniques and demonstration projects potentially using green hydrogen.

The New York Power Authority is also working with the Electric Power Research Institute, General Electric and Airgas (a hydrogen supplier) to take a NYPA natural gas plant demonstration project, that will evaluate the possible usage in displacing fossil fuels from power generation. Peer-reviewed results will then be shared with the industry and public so that key findings can inform decarbonization efforts.

New York should be proud of this effort.  As Governor Cuomo said:

“New York is leading the way forward on protecting the environment and combating climate change. Part of our ongoing efforts is setting an example for other states and nations to follow. As we transition to a clean energy economy, we are exploring every resource available as a potential tool to address climate change and documenting what we find to share as part of broader national and global conversations so we can build a brighter, greener future for all.”