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Matt Lyons: Bringing Expertise to Dental Implantology

by Sescoi
by Sescoi

Chairman and CEO of Simpact Matt Lyons, together with his team is seeking to develop “the next generation of dental implant products and procedures.”

Dental implants have come a long way in the last few years.  This is a trend that is continuing.  With his experience in the industry, Matt Lyons is seeking to use his current position at Simpact to provide the best and most advanced care in dental implants.  Today, dental implants are so similar to one’s regular teeth that is virtually impossible for one to tell the difference.  Dental implants are thus a great cosmetic solution as well.

It was with Alan Lombardo, that Mr. Lyons developed a team of experts to build the next generation of dental implant products and procedures.  This has put Simpact in a position to offer the customer top value in this regard.  One of its products for example – the OsseoScape™ Surgical Kit – ensures dentists specializing in implants have the right tools for addressing [their] patients’ unique anatomy, including standard drills, and dense bone drills and taps.”

It is the OsseoScape™ Surgical Kit – together with other new tools constantly being developed by individuals such as Lyons via his work at Simpact – that are the face of new implant technology today.

Matt Lyons comes to this position with expertise from his executive roles at other firms, including Blackstone Medical which offered services in implants and instruments for spinal surgeries throughout America and around the world.