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When Cheesecake Becomes “Everything”

If you’re looking for the best of the best in your New York cheesecake, apparently these days if you find yourself in NYC, then there is no place better than Manhattan’s Madison Avenue’s Eleven Madison Park.

At first,  it appears that you’ve ordered something not particularly out of the ordinary; simply a slice of classic NY cheesecake.  But forget the sweet; this is something entirely different as you will find as you first dig in. Which was perhaps what made the EMP (the name given to the restaurant by those “in the know”) its fine dining reputation.

Remember the firs time we indulged in the “everything” bagel?  How did we feel?  Well, take that to the next level and you may have the stirrings of understanding of the cheesecake from EMP.  Simply put, it is described here as:

“cream cheese contains pureed white asparagus, which renders it both complex and delicate. Atop the cheesecake are thinly sliced layers of smoked sturgeon – a mainstay in New York delicatessens – and a heaping of caviar. Then there are the condiments: pickled daikon radish and pickled white asparagus, each served in ornamental caviar tins. A mussel-and-sturgeon sauce offsets the richness of the course with a light saltiness.”

So it’s perhaps not surprising that when you Google it you’ll just find 4.5 star ratings from Trip Advisor and ExploreTock and that it has earned the Number 1 spot on the World’s 50th Best Restaurants!