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New York’s Small Business Champion

Earlier this year Phil Andrews of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce (LIACC) was named President of the 2019 Small Business Champion.  The recognition and commendation comes from the US Small Business Administration (SBA)’s NY District Office.

The LIAACC is the largest African American Chamber of Commerce in New York. it provides services to Kings, Nassau, Queens and Suffolk.

The criteria for selection by which Andrews was commended is:

  1. Made significant endeavors to enhance conditions for the overall business community
  2. Counseled small business groups within the business community
  3. Encouraged and engaged in volunteer efforts to advance interests within the entire community (not just restricted to business)
  4. Encouraged and engaged in volunteer efforts to create professional services in the small business community with a focus on financial, legislative and managerial areas
  5. Shown to be an advocate for interests of small businesses.

Brooklyn Business Bolstering

“Brooklyn where small businesses are getting a facelift to help attract more customers.” 5 businesses revealed what they are doing to turn things around for themselves. Here, NYC’s Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) partnered with Citi Community Development and the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) to get the scoop.