Pet Ventures in NYC

Pet business ventures seem to be making it big in New York these days.  Three examples discussed here are: Doggy Day Care, “cat” therapy robots and Pet Plate.

Doggy Day Care is a big thing these days but one of the initial companies that offered this service in the New York area is now opening another one in the same place.  Pupculture (that originally opened in Soho in 2002) is planning on opening a branch in Northwest Tribeca at the beginning of next year, on the corner of Hudson and Laight.  Offering “pet pampering services” (including: boarding, daycare, grooming, spa treatments and more), New Yorkers can bring their furry friends to the Center for a few hours, a day or even a couple of months.

For those who are more into cats, they are making their way into the entrepreneurial industry as well.  Some of the newer therapy “cats” are being used to help seniors living at old age homes in the Bronx who are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive, neurological conditions.  The Robotic therapy pets are able to relieve residents’ agitation that often comes with these conditions.  It saves money at 3am when one might not necessarily have to call in an aide to take care of this situation.

Another pet-based business venture in New York is PetPlate, a company which is humanizing pet food.  Now, instead of just humans being able to get tasty and healthy meals (such as hummus and guacamole), their four-legged loved ones can too. Only clinically-approved ingredients are used to ensure satisfaction of the pet’s palate.  It is the very first pet food delivery service in America that is distributing freshly-cooked, pre-portioned USDA food.  PetPlate uses meals based on recipes that veterinary clinical nutritionists have created.