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M&A’s in New York

Lots of business movement in New York.  Here we look at AppNexus and Health Plus Management.

Having earned a reputation as “one of the hottest names in the ad tech industry” following its 2014 $1.2 billion VC valuation, it was hardly surprising that it was going to go to the next level of being sucked up by a major corporation or going public.  In this case it is AT&T which reaps the benefit in its alleged purchase deal worth approximately $1.6 billion.    The idea behind this purchase is AT&Ts bringing AppNexus into its newly created advertising and analytics business.  The move is also indicative of AT&Ts recognition of the importance of voluminous customer data to more effectively sell adds in various formats.

Moving to a completely different industry we learn of the recent plans by Health Plus Management LLC to purchase Advanced PMR Management.  According to CEO and founder of Health Plus, Stuart Blumberg:

“Advanced PMR epitomizes stellar services and consummate patient care. We are thrilled to take on management and support of APMR and we expect tremendous success in working together to develop APMR into a strong, multi-specialty, platform for best in class rehab care in NJ.”

This move will create the environment for Health Plus’s development of a presence in New Jersey, in a way that it has done since its establishment almost two-and-a-half decades ago.