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New York: Mixing Business with Charitable Pleasure

by mumbot
by mumbot

It’s great to succeed in business. But it’s even better when one’s business venture can work with a successful charitable endeavor and help others at the same time.

That is what is happening in New York right now. Currently Coffeed has six cafes in New York (as well as a restaurant oversees), and works with a charity in all of these places, thereafter giving a percentage of its revenue to Founding. In response to this, they pay a mere $6,000 a month in rent at a very popular location.

In addition, around a quarter of the space in the café is dedicated to promoting information about Foundling and how much inequality and poverty exists in America.

Perhaps the next step for them should be opening up a market in Del Paso Heights where there has not been “a supermarket in over a year.” Dollar General carries some canned and dried goods but there is no fresh produce, poultry, fish or meat. It is hoped in the meantime that within the next two months, Viva Supermarket will open its doors to residents. But in the meantime, it’s been way too long that the city has been without a place to purchase fresh produce.

There’s a big market for thriving businesses in New York. But, likewise, there’s also tremendous potential for helping out others.