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Empire State Building Deliveries

starbucksStarbucks is going to be making deliveries from downstairs to upstairs…at the Empire State Building. If you happen to be one of the 12,000 individuals who works in the Empire State Building, and don’t want to make the trip down to the lobby (where there is a Starbucks in operation), you can order “takeout” and they will deliver it to you…for a fee of $2.

That fee may seem quite high but the time it takes to get an elevator, make your way down to the lobby and line up for a cuppa Joe might just make it financially viable. In addition, the fee is the same for up to 15 different items (so the fee for a group order really comes out quite cheaply when divided equally between all the customers).

Starbucks is making a commitment also in this case to ensure that the beverage or food one orders will be delivered within a half an hour to a drop-off area, like the reception desk where one works.

Starbucks Corporation said that it is making this service available in conjunction with its business model of trying to make things as convenient as possible for its customers.