New York Business: Men’s Fashion Week

fashion-menFashion Week in New York has always focused on women. Now that is changing. A couple of weeks ago witnessed the first ever Men’s Fashion Week, featuring Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and many other big names in the industry.

While there has been menswear on show in the past at the New York Fashion Week, the city has never encountered a show dedicated solely to menswear. Although this has happened in other countries, most notably in Europe. But for the opportunity in New York, men’s fashionwear companies are excited at this unprecedented opportunity. Indeed, it was a phenomenal time for people to the lesser-known companies to get publicity for their clothing.

The reason the event took place is mainly due to the growing number of interest in selling fashion to men, such as the fact that according to NPD Group, clothing sales hit $60 billion plus in 2013 in America.