Parking in the City Just got Easier

valet-parkingIt could be said that one of the biggest problems of living in New York is trying to find a place to park. This soon could be a thing of the past, thanks to Luxe. A start-up invented by Curtis Lee, the company employs a slew of 30 blue-jacket-wearing valets to park your car for you in The Big Apple.

Lee developed the business concept when he and his girlfriend were trying to find parking in San Francisco. It was so bad they almost missed their dinner reservation. It immediately inspired him to develop the concept of the business, then and there.

Today Luxe does the following: before you leave home put the address of your destination into your phone. The app will then track your journey and approximately 10 minutes before arrival, fixes you up with a Luxe valet attendant. You can even check out how he looks on the phone to make sure you are not getting someone who is not connected to Luxe.

You can even tell the guy to fill up your tank or get your car washed at any one of the places Luxe has a deal with. The app is currently available in Williamsburg and Manhattan between 57th Street to 96th Street.