New Yorkers Getting Mobile Again

In the first phase of the coronavirus re-entrance to work, it has been estimated that approximately 825,000 commuters will start using public transportation.  That makes up approximately 15% of the total amount of regular commuters pre-COVID-19.  The people who work in construction, manufacturing and retail industries are the ones who are first going to use the public transportation service. Phase 2 will probably up the number to around 2,000,000 (which is anticipated to be the beginning of next month) and then 3,000,000 by Phase 3 (by which time it is hoped that eateries open up).

Given these plans, the MTA has been working hard to put strategies in place to protect the health of the public. The wearing of masks will be required and additional service will be put in place to make it effective.

According to New York City Transit Interim President Sarah Feinberg:

“If you are going to reopen and you’re going to tell people to come back to work, you have to provide transportation for them…[with the mandated 6 meters’ distance between riders]…that means you can only serve a small percentage of your riders.”

As such, the MTA has put out a request to public transport users who are not traveling for necessity to avoid using the trains during peak times.  Regular weekday bus service will return to normal in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.  In Manhattan 75 percent of regular service will be resumed.