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Beyler Eyubov: Loving Jazz is Good Business Sense

musician-308866_1280It’s not only jazz lover Beyler Eyubov who enjoys frequenting Side Door. The club opened about a year-and-a-half ago and has been inundated with returning customers. However, owner Kenneth D. Kitchings is not necessarily what one might expect from a successful New York businessman. And, especially given the fact that making money out of jazz isn’t so easy either.

But something Kitchings did must have been right. Located at Old Lyme – not the liveliest of locations – this jazz club has become quite the hubbub of jazz lovers from near and far. Other than jazz fan Eyubov, Newport Jazz festival founder, George Wein, a pianist himself, who has been frequenting the club, explained his success like this:

“He couldn’t fail. He’s not an owner who’s looking to make money. He loves jazz and gets more enjoyment from it than his customers do.”

So maybe a love of what one does is more important to business success than a love for money. It sure seems to be working for Kitchings.