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Caribbean Week New York

New York City has a substantial Caribbean-American residency.  As such, the Caribbean Week New York that begins tomorrow is very well-received and attended.

Organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), this is a great bolster to the economy with the attraction of VIPs, diplomats and others to the city to enjoy the free Revival for the Caribbean affair.  It will take place in Manhattan’s Financial District at 225 Liberty Street in the Meredith Global Corp’s 5th floor auditorium.

Programs include: “Revival for the Caribbean,” “Rum & Rhythm Benefit and Auction,” “Celebrity Chef Program” and more.

Christmas in the Montauk Colony

With Christmas approaching, many hard working New Yorkers are considering how to spend the upcoming holidays.  Just over 100 miles from the big NYC noise is the Montauk Colony area, offering vacationers a tranquil getaway nestled in a beachy paradise.

To begin the vacation on the right foot, travel via the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) for a relaxing journey and take in the picturesque landscape. While the area is best known for its summer vacations, Christmas can be a good time to go as well. Specifically, Montauk’s lighthouse undergoes a complete transformation, taking a step away from its traditional maroon and white décor that graces the iconic tower the rest of the year.

You can get into the holiday spirit by booking a stay at Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa.  Early this month they hosted an event which included Christmas karaoke and cookie decorating. There is also the Santa Crawl hosted at the Daunts Albatross Hotel.  The $20 donation included a buffet with proceeds going to the Montauk Playhouse Foundation & Contractors for Kids.

Over the Christmas period the Surf Lodge is an attractive place to eat, with its fire pit, live musical performances and stunning sunset view. Unique ambience can also be enjoyed at The Crow’s Nest or for those looking for something different there is a fabulous dessert spot – the Buddha Berry located on South Euclid Avenue. They offer flavorful, organic and healthy sweets such as frozen yogurt with superfood toppings, custom-blended smoothies, buckwheat Belgian waffles and more.

Christmas in the Montauk Colony area can make for a spectacular, unforgettable vacation.




Being Remembered on Christmas Day

christmasFor those who are living in a senior home, the thought of the Christmas and New Year festivities may seem a bit daunting. Perhaps residents won’t be able to spend the day with loved ones, old friends and family. But these days, nursing homes have become accustomed to making these special days as fun as they would have been at home, but perhaps without the traditional family feuds!

The Dry Harbor Nursing Home – as part of its commitment to “ensure the highest quality of life for all of [its] residents” – is one place which understands all about these special seasonal moments. The home marks holidays and cultural events with “music, special foods and activities.” And for those who prefer it quiet but still want to mark the occasion, the Dry Harbor Nursing Home offers them a way to “experience the festivities with our in-house television channel simulcast.”

Some senior homes even bring in other seniors to spread the festive joy. At Uihlein Living Center’s Lake Placid senior home, Shirley Hosler – herself no youngster at 79 – visits the residents every Christmas Eve morning, bringing presents and company. Dressed as Santa Claus, she chats to the residents and tries to make the day as festive as possible.

Of course, still nothing beats getting a gift on Christmas Day, no matter where you are. Everyone likes to be remembered, especially on Christmas. But it’s so easy to forget or simply not find the time. That is the beauty of the Dry Harbor Nursing Home Gift Basket Delivery Service. Dry Harbor has set up an easy one-click-away system for people to send gift baskets to their loved ones who are spending the day at the home.

Remember, at the end of the day, nothing says Christmas more than a friendly face or a wrapped gift. No matter how old you are, or where you are, everyone wants to be remembered on Christmas.



Comic Con

superheroWhile the annual Comics Convention in New York – which began in 2005 – is a cultural event, since it is so well-attended it can also now be seen as an economic event for the city.

This year it is expected that over 150,000 people and 850 companies will come to the event, being held at the Javits Center, with planned screenings for shows like X-Files and The Walking Dead.

Moreover, there is a $5,000 cash prize awarded to the winner of the NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay.

One reason this event is getting so much business is because movies are becoming bigger business. In 2006 only two movies were based on comic books but just eight years later that figure had jumped to six. Much of this increase has been attributed to the acquisition of Marvel, for which Walt Disney paid $4bn in 2009.

Comic Con is getting so popular that even superstars feel the need to attend as well.

Bruce Shalett and Westchester’s Unique Eateries


With Christmas just around the corner, one might want to know what is new and happening in the New York area in terms of entertainment and eateries. For Westchester residents like Bruce Shalett and those who may want to take a client out for dinner, here is a review of three such places that could work as business and pleasure.

First, located in Tarrytown, is the Rivermarket Bar and Kitchen, boasting 36 comfy bar stools around a rectangular, black-walnut-colored bar. Only in operation for less than 12 months, it’s not the cheapest of places but it does feature a very fresh far-to-table menu. It’s also not your standard restaurant so for those wanting to take a client out to lunch, the warmed roasted oysters with slow-roasted tomatoes, prosciutto and caramelized shallots definitely becomes a conversation piece. In the foyer is a market where one might want to get a quart of eggnog to get into the holiday spirit as they leave. This is certainly an eatery with a difference.

Next, in Armonk there is a wide marble bar at Restaurant North. But make sure you don’t do anything silly since there is a mirror at the back that plays back the eatery’s goings-on in real time! Other than that, Bubba’s Burger made from Josef Meiller Farm pasture-raised beef, thick onion rings and garlic-kale aioli on a brioche bun with a pickle wedge is not something that is served at your local burger joint for example. The restaurant is a real treat and could impress a client.

Third, in Mount Kisco, Winston that only opened a few months ago offers an informal gastro pub, a formal dining area as well as an open-air rooftop bar. Thus for Westchesters it really has a bit of everything: entertainment, business, romance, and more. With attractive zinc bar seats and pretty bentwood chairs, executive chef Michael Williams certainly knows how to keep his customers satisfied with his wonderful bar staff and delectable menu, including the quite formidable Wagyu burger.

So it seems that Westchester has a lot to offer. And the list keeps expanding. For those looking to impress a client, or take the spouse out to eat, keep your eyes out for these and other exciting new local ventures.

New York Landmarks

It’s possible that the Saks Fifth Avenue building in Manhattan is “the most valuable retail building in the world.”   It was recently appraised at approximately $3.7bn.

Set to undergo a renovation costing around $250m next year, Hudson’s Bay Co. refinanced the property using a 20-year $1.25bn mortgage on the ground part of its Saks store. It is a hugely potential source of capital for the company, and the public announcement alone escalated the company’s shares up 12 percent.

Perhaps this real estate information shouldn’t be all that surprising considering Saks’ reputation for impressing Manhattaners. Just last week the store hosted “An Enchanted Experience,” featuring 36 Rockettes dancers, shutting down Fifth Avenue rush hour traffic to let the Radio City Music Hall troupe get on with its performance. Following that was a cocktail party with guests that included: Dennis Basso, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

Beyler Eyubov: Loving Jazz is Good Business Sense

musician-308866_1280It’s not only jazz lover Beyler Eyubov who enjoys frequenting Side Door. The club opened about a year-and-a-half ago and has been inundated with returning customers. However, owner Kenneth D. Kitchings is not necessarily what one might expect from a successful New York businessman. And, especially given the fact that making money out of jazz isn’t so easy either.

But something Kitchings did must have been right. Located at Old Lyme – not the liveliest of locations – this jazz club has become quite the hubbub of jazz lovers from near and far. Other than jazz fan Eyubov, Newport Jazz festival founder, George Wein, a pianist himself, who has been frequenting the club, explained his success like this:

“He couldn’t fail. He’s not an owner who’s looking to make money. He loves jazz and gets more enjoyment from it than his customers do.”

So maybe a love of what one does is more important to business success than a love for money. It sure seems to be working for Kitchings.