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Miracle at Stonewall

So many businesses are still shuttered, likely never to return to operations.  The coronavirus has done a serious number on SMEs as well as many self-employed.  At looked at one point as if The Stonewall Inn LGBTQ bar would follow suit. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, all the bars had to close in NYC.  Many couldn’t survive and were not able to return.  The Stonewall Inn is more than just a bar – it is viewed by many as the Greenwich Village “symbol of pride.”

So when a plea was put out for help to save the iconic bar, many responded and it was saved.  This led Stacy Lentz – one of the bar’s owners to claim that it really is a “community tavern,” and her and her co-owners are merely “keepers of the historic bar.”

The Stonewall Inn, an iconic location known worldwide for the important role it played in the battle for inclusion and equal rights for the LGBTQ community, was almost another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bar, along with all other watering holes in the city, was forced to close in mid-March as NYC began its long battle against coronavirus. But more than three months without being able to open nearly led to the Greenwich Village symbol of pride closing its doors for good. Then the owners put out a plea for help — and got plenty of responses.

Co-owner Stacy Lentz said that while they may be the keepers of the historic bar, it’s the community’s tavern — so they felt the public should know how much they were struggling.

Another restaurant close to bankruptcy with a happy ending was Gene’s Restaurant. A personal favorite of famed Sex and the [NY] City  actress Sarah Jessica Parker, when restaurants were allowed to re-open under coronavirus guidelines, Gene’s was not due to access blocking from Citi Bike docking stations.  Parker – a consumer of Citi Bikes herself – joined 7 On Your Side in advocating for the landmark.  Parker wrote:

“I’m happy to help move the @citibike rack just a bit east to make room for some outdoor seating. Whatever it takes.”

De Blasio responded and 20 bike docking stations were moved to accommodate the restaurant.  They will remain at the end of the street until the end of October 2020, when it is anticipated there will be another change in outdoor dining coronavirus laws.