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Uber Dominating NY Taxi Market

It seems that Uber is destroying the taxi market, especially in New York City. There are tons of abandoned taxis pulling up on Brooklyn streets and lots of drivers moving over from taxi companies to Uber. This is creating a huge loss for taxi companies such as McGuinness Car Service, in Brooklyn. Hossam Yossri, one worker there said that drivers keep quitting to move over to Uber.
But the question is, is Uber really so much better? Watch this video and you can see why it is not all so clear cut and that Uber doesn’t necessarily have all the right answers.

NYC Banning Personal Cars?

carsNew York City has always had too many cars. Getting around the city is a problem. Uber and other such companies have recently been created to try to counter the issue on some level (and as a business venture).

In more recent news, NYC took another step toward the goal of clearing up the city’s car overload at both West Drive of Prospect Park and Central Park North of 72nd Street. West Drive will become car free July 6, 2015 and in two days from now Central Park will no longer allow cars.

This is great for the environment and also for those who just want a nice walk in the park. Given that housing in NYC typically does not cater for those with kids who want to run around in their gardens, it is really important that public parks do. Therefore some of the arguments are that NYC should be banning personal vehicles from not just parks but from the entire city. This of course, will take a lot more persuasion and work, but for now, it’s a good start.