Top Quality Business Dining in New York

by Hideyuki KAMON
by Hideyuki KAMON

For businessmen and women dining in New York City, there are some fabulous eateries set up to cater to these needs. Here we review five of them: Barbuto (at 775 Washington Street, Manhattan), Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (200 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn), Kyo Ya (7th Street, Manhattan), Hearth (403 E. 12th Street, Manhattan), and L’Artusi (228 W. 10th Street, Manhattan).

At Barbuto customers seeking to impress clients can benefit from either the dining room or chef’s table (located in the kitchen). The latter is a true food experience, with guests being privy to their 3-4 course meal being prepared in front of them. Top quality Italian cuisine, expect seasonal modifications.

At the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, the entire restaurant is a chef’s counter. It seats 18, and is connected to the Brooklyn Fare market. Meals, according to our friends at Infatuation, are just shy of TWENTY courses, including multiple amuse-bouches, four entrees, and two desserts. Of course, at $255 a person (excluding beverages), you need to have a fat wallet or fat expense account to pick up the tab at this Michelin three-star restaurant.

Kyo Ya provides customers with a true, authentic Japanese experience. Specializing in kaiseke meals (which are meals that are served during traditional tea ceremonies), there is also a somewhat pricey tasting menu but customers can also select from the à la carte menu. In the middle of the restaurant there is an “amazing share table” which really provides, quite the overall experience! Although discussing business might not happen as one is left fascinated by their environment!

Finally Hearth offers top quality farm-to-table cuisine. Its private dining room hosts up to 28 people and offers 3, 4, or 5 course menu options. For a more intimate experience, there is a small chef’s table. Chef Marco Canora’s claim to fame is his gourmet “bone broth” (which apparently has many healing elements), and is now sold out of a window next to the restaurant.