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NY: Moving Forward

With the pandemic still ravaging lives everywhere the state of New York is hoping to move forward thanks to the vaccine and a hopeful light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.  According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, there is a need for substantially more vaccines in the region. He is disappointed by the federal government not providing an adequate level of production. Still with the hopeful construction of the mass vaccination site at Yankee Stadium, more vaccines will follow.

Since the spike in cases that came from holiday gatherings has now past its peak, there has been more leniency in lifting restrictions on restaurants, places of worship etc.  Yet there still needs to be extra caution taken because of the density of the population of NYC. It is hoped that there will be an allowance for restaurants – in the very near future – to be able to operate at 25 percent.

Personal care and retail stores can operate at 50 percent; fitness centers at 33 percent.

Dayton Kingery on Staying Active While Staying Safe

The health regulations and recommendations to curb the spread of COVID-19 are constantly changing. But one message has remained consistent throughout: remaining physically active is important for the long-term health of both the body and mind.

Dayton Kingery, a Connecticut native and fitness enthusiast, says that the real estate market in his area is busier than ever. “People are looking for safe ways to be outdoors and be active. Nobody wants to be cooped up in their small city apartment. They want to escape the virus and the deserted city streets. Here we have more space and plenty of outdoor venues for exercise and exploration.”

Dayton Kingery- deserted city streets
Dayton Kingery says city dwellers are heading toward the suburbs in search of safety and space

People from across New York, who own or rent summer properties in Connecticut, say that riding out the lockdown orders, social distancing regulations, and work-from-home expectations is much easier in less densely populated areas. “Bike riding has always been a popular form of transportation in the city,” Kingery says, “but now it has become a form of relaxation and self-care.”

Dayton Kingery bike trails
Dayton Kingery recommends cycling as a safe and fun activity

Longtime Connecticut residents and other city “escapees” should all consider taking up a new hobby or activity; these pursuits are important ways to combat loneliness, remain mindful, and stay busy. Kingery recommends enjoying the many hiking trails, walking paths, and nature reserves across the state and taking in as much of the great outdoors as possible.

Dayton Kingery- nature trails
Exploring local parks and being outdoors is key to wellness, according to Kingery

Vaccine Eligibility

More New Yorkers will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine as Governor Andrew Cuomo widened the scope to include everyone from 65 years and older.  While this has resulted in some organizational obstacles, officials hope they will be ironed out quickly. Unfortunately there have already been delays in distributing the vaccine, largely because of state and local feuding, Cuomo’s $1m fine for failure to adhere to distribution regulations and other poor decision-making.

And, for those who are getting the vaccine in New York, there could be an extra stimulus to be had….a free bag of weed. The endeavor – dubbed Joints for Jabs – is being offered though a combined effort of local growers and the DCMJ. According to DC Marijuana Justice co-founder Nikolas Schiller, the idea behind this is as a way of “safely celebrat[ing] the end of the pandemic…nothing brings people together like cannabis.”