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Summer Youth Jobs

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in New York, the summer youth job program was canceled.  Now however, some lawmakers in the region are asking for it to be re-instated.  According to Justin Brannan, a  member of the city council:

“Budget cuts will be an unfortunate reality this year, but when we’re talking about 75,000 youth and their families who will lose this opportunity, we need to get creative and figure it out. I  think a public-private partnership here would make a lot of sense.”

President of Partnership for NYC Kathryn Wylde, pointed out that it was not likely the large amount of individuals hoping for job placements in the summer would be getting them.  This will not happen until the economic recovery from COVID-19 is much more in place.  While there are some potential virtual internships, many jobs have to be done in-house.  And, given the other challenges that New York is encountering, it is unlikely the summer youth job placements will become top priority.

Company Culture and Success

When it comes to revenue, which privately-held company is doing best in New York?  Based on 2016 revenue data, Crain’s has determined their list, with the top three as:

  1. Hearst
  2. Bloomberg LP
  3. Horizon Media

However, Partnership for New York City analysis found that business in New York is lacking in  metropolitan characteristics.  It found that most of New York’s foreign companies actually come from Europe and thus it is the responsibility of the government to make it more attractive for businesses from Asia, the Middle East and South America to come to America. As Partnership President Kathryn Wylde said: “We should really pay attention to countries with a growing market demand for goods and services from New York, and one important way to do that is to have more of their companies have operations here.”